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Title Recycling Technology of Fly Ash Using Wet Flotation (..
Attached File 16_Data-55_Recycling_Technology_of_Fly_Ash_Using_Wet_Flotation_(Senosphere,_Unburned_Carbon,_Magnetite,_Silica,_and_Mullite).pdf Date
Recycling Technology of Fly Ash Using Wet Flotation (Senosphere, Unburned Carbon, Magnetite, Silica, and Mullite)

1. Outline

* Technology to recover useful resources from fly ash using wet floatation.

2. Characteristic

* Separation of lightweight aggregates from fly ash slurry → gravity separation of fly ash slurry from which lightweight aggregates are separated → separation of slurry with high specific gravity and slurry with low specific gravity.

* Extracting fine-powdered spherical fly ash which is melted and vitrified with high temperature in a boiler only with wet ore dressing without processing, and using it as various industrial raw materials.

* Possible to efficiently purify useful resources from fly ash sludge without going through complex chemical treatment processes.
- Improving eco-friendliness through non-chemical treatment processes.
- Possible to apply to each applicable purpose because of the difference in specific gravity and thermal conductivity.

* Recycling of waste resources by recovering unburned coal and utilizing it as fuel for power generation.
- Possible to solve agro-ecological and natural ecological pollution problems around power plants due to the conventional landfill of mixed fly ash slurry.

For more information, see the attached file.
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