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Title Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using Recy..
Attached File 16_Data-91_Initial_Stormwater_Treatment_Technology_by_Using_Recycled_EPP(Expanded_Polypropylene).pdf Date
Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using Recycled EPP(Expanded Polypropylene)

1. Outline

* Technology to treat floating pollutants in combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by installing recycled polypropylene(H-baffle and V-baffle) in stormwater storage facilities.

2. Characteristic

* Generating vortex in the direction of the intercepting pipe by installing a V-baffle(vertical control panel) on the front of the intercepting pipe.
- Possible to control floating pollutants of overflowing water and to prevent secondary pollution by the pollutants by generating vortex.

* Suppressing the water level decrease in the direction of overflowing by installing H-baffle(guide wall) at the front of the overflowing water.
- Since the screen is installed horizontally, uniform filtration is possible regardless of the level or flow rate.

* Improving the treatment efficiency as floating pollutants are removed by introducing them into the intercepting pipes.

* Economical because it can be additionally installed in existing stormwater storage facilities.

* Easy to supplement the system in case of the occurrence of change through post-monitoring.

* Reducing the concerns about facility failures by using simple hydro-dynamic principles.

For more information, see the attached file.
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