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Title Advanced MBR Waste Water Treatment Technology Using ..
Attached File 17NT-16_Advanced_MBR_Waste_Water.hwp.pdf Date
1. Overview

- MBR Process constituted with No. 1 & 2 Alternate Reactor operating alternatively as anaerobic tank & anoxic tank by, Aerobic Tank, Post-nitrification Tank and Micro-filter Sediment Separation Membrane Tank by the Flow Path Alteration Device.
- Maximize the biological removal firstly reducing phosphor load by injecting the coagulation agent into the sewage influent and partially disusing the PO4-P in sewage influent, and semi-batch type Anaerobic Tank opertion.
- Advanced MBR Waste Water Treatment Technology capable of responding flexibly to the phosphor inflow load variation minimizing the coagulation agent injection by employing the 2-stage Coagulation Control System based on pre-treatment process enabling the injection of coagulation agent to the rear end section of Aerobic Tank when necessary to additionally remove the residual phosphor.

For more information, see the attached file.
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