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1847     Sewer Trenchless Partial Repair Technology Using L.. 2017-11-01
Category New technology > Others Hits 96
Contents 1. Overview - The repair work is made possible by passing the fiber-reinforced liner manufactured by impregnating the repairing resin in glass fiber sheet for partial repair of damaged part of sewer pipe through small manhole and bending pipe - Sewer pipe trenchless partial repair technology as mounted on the length adjustable repair tool ..
1846     Double-sided Fusion Reinforced Tube Manufacturing S.. 2017-10-17
Category New technology > Others Hits 259
Contents 1. Overview - Technology manufacturing the peroxide-added curing tube using joint double-sided fusing technology to prevent break of reinforced tube and automatic resin measuring & supplying equipment, and after pulling and inserting this reinforcing tube, improving the performance of curing pipe and required time for curing by steam heat i..
1845     Water Pipe Trenchless Total Repair System with Dis.. 2017-10-17
Category New technology > Others Hits 235
Contents 1. Overview - As a trenchless total repair method, technology using the Automatic Pressure Regulator controlling pressure constantly and discharging the condensate water using thrust nozzle during curing process. For more information, see the attached file.
1844     Sewer Pipe Trenchless Total Repair Technology Usin.. 2017-10-17
Category New technology > Others Hits 217
Contents 1. Overview - Sewer pipe trenchless total repair technology lining the inside of existing pipe without excavating the obsolete sewer pipe using the equipment injecting air pressure and steam heat at both ends and reinforcing tube distortion monitoring traction equipment. For more information, see the attached file.
1843     Trenchless Total Repair System Inserting PE Liner .. 2017-10-17
Category New technology > Others Hits 186
Contents 1. Overview - Technology repairing the deteriorated water & sewage pipe with trenchless system. - Technology removing creases formed in the bending section and height different section & jointing sections after repair, and suppressing the contraction or expansion of repairing member through treatment of terminal ends. For more informat..

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