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25     Ceramic Filter Technology to Remove Hazardous Gase.. 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 2856
Contents I. Introduction This technology consists of the manufacturing of a catalyst impregnated ceramic filter and of its application. This technology can Simultaneously treat NOx and dust and acid chemicals by injecting absorbents into the inflow duct. Thus this technology combines all the conventional dust collecting equipment(electrostatic ..
24     The Basics of Noise Control Technology 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 2616
Contents "The Basics of Noise Control Technology", sponsored by Institute for Advanced Engineering and Daewoo Noise and Vibration Control Technology Symposium, was held at IAE from May 6 to May 18. This lecture is second in the series of the Professional Technology Program, which was established to foster highly qualified technology manp..
23     A Study on the Wear of Truck Tire due to Wheel Alig.. 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2417
Contents The wear of truck tire can be classified into various categories. The uneven wear of tire is one of these types and it occurs when on side of a tire, on a contact area with the ground, excessively wears out. The major cause of uneven wear breakdown is due to the poor wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is a combination of conditions for angle o..
22     Tailored Blanks using High Power Carbon Dioxide La.. 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2248
Contents In automobile industries, the application of high power laser including cutting, drilling, welding, marking, and heat treatment are emerging as a limelight of new technology. Not only the laser cutting, but also the laser welding is becoming an important laser application technology. The laser welding provides simple design, flexible manuf..
21     Low NOx Coal Burner and Air/Fuel Injection Nozzle 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 4115
Contents I. Introduction By minimizing the fuel-NOx formed and emitted by the firing system during the beginning of its operation, and using a multi-layered air supplying system(OFA : Over Fire Air), this low NOx burner system converts Nox into N2 and acts as a complete combustion system for unburned carbon. II. Features - Low NOx Burne..

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