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18     First Doctorate in Systems Engineering 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2432
Contents The Institute for Advanced Engineering, Daewoo Group's core technology development and educational institute recently graduated its first doctoral candidate from its Systems Engineering Department at the Graduate School of Ajou University. The degree marks a milestone in the institute's intensive efforts to foster development of advan..
17     IAE Completes FMS Pilot Plant 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2520
Contents The Institute for Advanced Engineering's (IAE) Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) research group in cooperation with Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. recently completed a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Pilot Plant at its Yong-in complex. The plant is designed to meet the ..
16     Simultaneous Removal of Sox and NOx in Flue Gas usi.. 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 3346
Contents I. Introduction To create a substitute for the existing flue gas treatment processes such as FGD and SCR, a plasma process is applied for the simultaneous removal of SOx and NOX-The high power electric pulse discharge, which is a major part of the plasma facility, produces free electrons that cause the radicals that are necessary for S..
15     Wall Climbing "Spider" Robot May Revolutionize Ind.. 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2419
Contents Originally developed by research staffs from Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd., Ajou University and the Institute for Advanced Engineering, the wall climbing or "Spider" robot -- first designed to replace manual labor in the painting of structures in the shipbuilding industry -- now holds great pr..
14     De-Nox SCR Catalyst, KEPOSE 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 3627
Contents I. Introduction This SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology converts the NOx in the Hue gas from power plants, industrial boners and municipal incinerators to harmless N2 and H2O with NH3 used as a reduction catalyst, through a highly stable and efficient process. II. Features - Improvement in removal efficiency and tre..

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