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7     Ultra-Precision Aspheric Mirror 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2533
Contents Development in cooperation with Daewoo Heavy Industries, securing the nationwide best precision. To be utilized for designing air-photo map, precisely analyzing meteorological phenomena and assessing the harvest Institute for Advanced Engineering, the central R and D institute of D..
6     DAECOM ? 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2751
Contents The third model of intelligent spot welding controller, DAECOM III, has been newly placed on the list of IAE accomplishments. It is proud of its capability of finding the faults during welding process in auto-frame line and, if any, providing with the best suitable welding conditions, and using its artificial intelligence.
5     The 21Century, an Era of Intelligent Manufacturing .. 2002-11-29
Category New technology > Others Hits 2640
Contents Materials and Processes Lab. devotes its full efforts to the development and implementation of a new economical process and advanced analysis technology in the fields of materials and their surface treatments, combustion processes, and clean energy processes for automotive, power plant, and waste treatment industries. The goal is to achie..
4     Implementation and Promotion of Type III Eco-Label.. 2002-11-19
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 2811
Contents The Ministry of Environment had introduced and implemented the eco-label system from 1992 as a notification of the then Environment Administration, in order to facilitate the development and production of low-pollution products by enterprises and to make consumers voluntarily participate in environmental preservation activities by selecting ..
3     KW electro chemical wastewater disposal plants 2002-11-11
Category New technology > Water Hits 2733
Contents 1. Wastewater disposal process of Kyeongwon Characteristic of wastewater composition is analyzed as follow - electro chemical decomposition system - Aop wastewater disposal - Active carborn regeneration system(commercialization within 1999) - Soil washing technology-in progress 2. KW electro chemical wastewater disposal technology ..

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