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1837     Advanced MBR Waste Water Treatment Technology Usi.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 241
Contents 1. Overview - MBR Process constituted with No. 1 & 2 Alternate Reactor operating alternatively as anaerobic tank & anoxic tank by, Aerobic Tank, Post-nitrification Tank and Micro-filter Sediment Separation Membrane Tank by the Flow Path Alteration Device. - Maximize the biological removal firstly reducing phosphor load by injecting t..
1836     Nitrogen & Phosphor Treatment Technology Using the .. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 246
Contents 1. Overview - To use the sludge product as a substrate for water treatment microorganism by mixing the surplus sludge and Sodium Hypochlorite in appropriate ratio, and putting it in the MBR Bioreactor. - Technology satisfying the water quality standard of nitrogen & phosphor effluent with no injection of any additional chemical by retaini..
1835     Overall Non-excavating Tap Water & Sewage Water Lin.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 218
Contents 1. Overview - Technology verifying the inserting length (m) and speed (m/min) of impregnated tube and automatically maintaining the pressure by installing the distance measuring device when either hauling in or reversing out the impregnated tube in the Overall Non-excavating Tap Water & Sewage Water Line Repair Method. For more infor..
1834     A Technology of Producing Coarse Recycled Aggregat.. 2017-09-28
Category New technology > Waste Hits 250
Contents 1. Overview - This technique uses a rotational hitting power generated by many spiral steel iron brushes continuously fastened to the central axis of the drum to separate and removes the mortar, that irregularly remains and is stuck on the surface of the circulating coarse aggregate after the first, second and third crushing processes and s..
1833     Manhole Lifting Repair Technology Using the Existi.. 2017-09-28
Category New technology > Others Hits 281
Contents 1. Overview - Manhole lifting repair technology, installing the cutting bit of water spray type circular pavement cutting equipment as fit on the surface of pavement to be cut, disassembling the existing pavement & cut-off area simultaneously spraying water, and adjusting the lifting height for pavement cutting works. For more informati..

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