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1832     Waste Earth and Sand Sorting Technology Using the .. 2017-09-28
Category New technology > Waste Hits 0
1. Overview
-Intermediate treatment technology on construction waste materials increasing the production of recycling aggregate for road subbase by sorting the waste earth & sand with Vibration Screen adding the relativ..
1831     Chemical Process Emission Gas Denitrification Tech.. 2017-09-28
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 0
1. Overview
- While the existing technologies reducing N2O/NOx produced from chemical processes reduce the NOx and N2O at separate processes by each stage, the present certification technology reduces the N2O/NOx simulta..
1830     A Technology of Separating Waste Soil Using an One.. 2017-09-21
Category New technology > Waste Hits 285
Contents 1. Overview - A technology to reduce the amount of waste soil by efficiently separating the waste soil with the application of an one-side fixed multistage vibration screen to intermediate treatment process of construction wastes. For more information, see the attached file.
1829     A Technology for Total Repairing of Pipes Using a V.. 2017-09-21
Category New technology > Water Hits 245
Contents 1. Overview - A non-drill, total repairing technology for sewage pipes which installs a vertical cylinder shape reverse tank with the upper and lower ends open on the top of the manhole to continuously invert, insert, and heat-set pipe lining material on the buried pipe while using a tilting robot to treat the connected joints. For mo..
1828     Sewer Pipe Trenchless Pipe Refurbishing Technology.. 2017-09-18
Category New technology > Others Hits 37
Contents 1. Overview - Tube manufacturing technology reducing construction time by inserting profile in the pipe using automatic profile transporter, and then injecting mortar at the same time of tubing without mixing mortar & curing agent on the ground using two-liquid mortar injector, and forming reinforced composite pipe integrated with exist..

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