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1820     A Circulating Coarse and Fine Aggregate Production.. 2017-09-07
Category New technology > Waste Hits 81
Contents 1. Overview - A technology for improving the quality of recycled circulating coarse and fine aggregates for concrete by applying a mutually colliding impact crushing mill of enhanced exfoliation and shaping effect, through crushing cement paste of relatively weak flat and elongated particles or strength to the intermediate construction was..
1819     A Technology for Improving the Quality of Circulati.. 2017-09-07
Category New technology > Waste Hits 81
Contents 1. Overview - A technology for improving the quality of circulating coarse aggregates (20mm) for concrete by intensifying collision and friction among aggregates and rotor, and aggregates and aggregates to efficiently remove mortars adhering to the aggregate surface through utilizing a reverse-rotating, exfoliation crusher of medium-speed ..
1818     Circulating Coarse Aggregates for Concrete Using T.. 2017-09-07
Category New technology > Waste Hits 85
Contents 1. Overview - A technology for producing circulating aggregates for concrete using two drum crushing mills, the first of which performs comminution and the second grinding and shape improvement, installed in a series with varying densities and leads of spiral protrusions formed on the fixed liner. For more information, see the attached..
1817     Thermal Desorption Purification Technology of Oil-P.. 2017-08-18
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 2070
Contents Thermal Desorption Purification Technology of Oil-Polluted Soil by Using Circulating Hot Air of Regenerative Combustion Device(RTO) and a Stepwise Rotary Kiln 1. Outline * Ground treatment technology that volatilizes and desorbs the adsorbed pollutants by heating the soil to a certain temperature in a controlled environment. ..
1816     Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using R.. 2017-08-11
Category New technology > Water Hits 2016
Contents Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using Recycled EPP(Expanded Polypropylene) 1. Outline * Technology to treat floating pollutants in combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by installing recycled polypropylene(H-baffle and V-baffle) in stormwater storage facilities. 2. Characteristic * Generating vortex in the direction..

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