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New technology > All bullet 8 documents out of 368
1805     No-tanks Water Saving Type Toilet Discharge System.. 2017-06-16
Category New technology > Others Hits 735
Contents No-tanks Water Saving Type Toilet Discharge System Technology Applied with Variable Discharge Pipe 1. Outline * Technology using gravity-variable discharge pipe that operates independently from the toilet by changing the siphon type discharge part of a general toilet to a variable discharge pipe. 2. Characteristic * 70% re..
1804     PVC PIPE Manufacturing Technology Applying Arami.. 2017-06-09
Category New technology > Others Hits 761
Contents PVC PIPE Manufacturing Technology Applying Aramid Fiber to Resin Composition 1. Outline * PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) water and sewage piping manufacturing technology with improved performance by adding a maleic anhydride resin craft copolymer for application to aramid fiber blend with triple structure composed of inner layer whic..
1803     Untreated Sewage Treatment Technology during Rainf.. 2017-06-02
Category New technology > Water Hits 713
Contents Untreated Sewage Treatment Technology during Rainfall Using Micro-bubble and Three-stage Bulkhead Type Flotation Plant 1. Outline * Technology that can process 1,000 tons in 15 minutes using micro-bubbles and three-stage bulkhead floatation plant, while conventional biological treatment technology takes 12 hours. 2. Characteris..
1802     Direct Drainage System Water Saving Toilet Bowl 2017-05-26
Category New technology > Others Hits 684
Contents Direct Drainage System Water Saving Toilet Bowl 1. Outline * Instead of a trap, a drainage structure is installed so that no clogging or backflow occurs even when 3 to 3.5 liters of little water is used, and no bacteria spread by water splashing. 2. Characteristic * It is economical and has water saving effect by saving 75 ~ 80%..
1801     Bio-butanol Production Technology Using Wood Waste.. 2017-05-19
Category New technology > Waste Hits 665
Contents Bio-butanol Production Technology Using Wood Waste Resources 1. Outline * Technology to produce mixed sugars (C5 + C6 Sugar) from all kinds of low-cost wood biomass such as waste wood, forest remnants, agricultural by-products, farm by-products, sugarcane, corn stalk, and huge flame grass. 2. Characteristic * Realization of b..

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