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1817     Thermal Desorption Purification Technology of Oil-P.. 2017-08-18
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 2370
Contents Thermal Desorption Purification Technology of Oil-Polluted Soil by Using Circulating Hot Air of Regenerative Combustion Device(RTO) and a Stepwise Rotary Kiln 1. Outline * Ground treatment technology that volatilizes and desorbs the adsorbed pollutants by heating the soil to a certain temperature in a controlled environment. ..
1816     Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using R.. 2017-08-11
Category New technology > Water Hits 2286
Contents Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using Recycled EPP(Expanded Polypropylene) 1. Outline * Technology to treat floating pollutants in combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by installing recycled polypropylene(H-baffle and V-baffle) in stormwater storage facilities. 2. Characteristic * Generating vortex in the direction..
1815     Long Bag Dust Removal Technology through Compresse.. 2017-08-04
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 2289
Contents Long Bag Dust Removal Technology through Compressed Air Injection Device (CK Injector) 1. Outline * Technology to clean the dust attached to filters by using compressed air injection device. 2. Characteristic * Removing by injecting strong air so that the filtered substances do not interfere with the function of filters. -..
1814     Electrostatic Dust Collecting MPS(Micro Pulse Sys.. 2017-08-04
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 2308
Contents Electrostatic Dust Collecting MPS(Micro Pulse System) Technology for Energy Saving and Dust Control 1. Outline * Technology to collect and remove dust by using high voltage generated by adding micro-pulse voltage to DC voltage. 2. Characteristic * Charging the dust in the gas by generating a large amount of gas anions by c..
1813     Recycling Technology of Fly Ash Using Wet Flotatio.. 2017-07-28
Category New technology > Waste Hits 1081
Contents Recycling Technology of Fly Ash Using Wet Flotation (Senosphere, Unburned Carbon, Magnetite, Silica, and Mullite) 1. Outline * Technology to recover useful resources from fly ash using wet floatation. 2. Characteristic * Separation of lightweight aggregates from fly ash slurry → gravity separation of fly ash slurry from wh..

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