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1777     Removal System of Solid Substance and Phosphorus by.. 2017-01-06
Category New technology > Water Hits 712
Contents Removal System of Solid Substance and Phosphorus by Low Pressure Floating Device (LAF) 1. Outline * Process of micro pneumatization of gas under low pressure by and removing technology of solid substance and phosphorus in which after decreasing hydrophile property micro bubbles are attached, its weight is decreased to lighter than..
1776     Manufacturing Technology of Neutral Solidifying Ag.. 2016-12-30
Category New technology > Water Hits 672
Contents Manufacturing Technology of Neutral Solidifying Agent for Sewage Sludge Processing 1. Outline * Reducing technology of elution of heavy metals like copper by securing safety of solid material long term intensity through solidifying method from dissolving, drying, heat decomposing and composting methods for processing sewage sludge..
1775     Evaluation Sensor System Development Technology of.. 2016-12-23
Category New technology > Water Hits 626
Contents Evaluation Sensor System Development Technology of Aquatic Risk Using Non Medium Type Microorganism Fuel Battery 1. Outline * Technology using effect of reducing activity of microorganisms when waste water which includes toxic substance is injected by establishing circuits which connect resistance to fuel battery of microorganis..
1774     Reconstruction Of Divided Shield Method of Strengt.. 2016-12-16
Category New technology > Others Hits 635
Contents Reconstruction Of Divided Shield Method of Strengthening Water Supply and Sewage Pipes Using RPR Canning SystemRPR 1. Outline * RPR Method (Refresh Pipe Renewal Method) technology strengthening divided shield pipelines which renews and strengthens pipeline by injecting canning device and light chloride vinyl material (profi..
1773     Multi Waterproof Construction Method Using Movable.. 2016-12-16
Category New technology > Others Hits 576
Contents Multi Waterproof Construction Method Using Movable Multi Sheet (NaB Sheet) 1. Outline * Technology using multi waterproof sheet (NaB sheet) in waterproof construction method manufactured in a frame form where movable gel with all time movable characteristics and variable asphalt sheet are put together for production. 2. Chara..

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