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1812     Technology of Non-Motor-Driven Internal Tube Mixin.. 2017-07-21
Category New technology > Water Hits 966
Contents Technology of Non-Motor-Driven Internal Tube Mixing Device Using Differencial Head 1. Outline * Water purification technology that improves the efficiency of flocculation process by using the internal tube instant mixing device. 2. Characteristic * Inducement of rapid and uniform diffusion of flocculants through the use of..
1811     Energy Production Technology Using Multi-Diaphragm.. 2017-07-21
Category New technology > Others Hits 927
Contents Energy Production Technology Using Multi-Diaphragm Type Microbial Fuel Cells with Outside Air Reduction Electrode 1. Outline * Technology to produce electric energy using multi-diaphragm type microbial fuel cells 2. Characteristic * Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) directly convert the chemical energy of the organic matter co..
1810     Technology to Produce Circulatory Coarse Aggregate .. 2017-07-14
Category New technology > Waste Hits 1090
Contents Technology to Produce Circulatory Coarse Aggregate for Concrete, Using Multi-stage Paddle and Eccentric Structural Impact Crusher 1. Outline * Circulatory coarse aggregate production technology for concrete, using eccentric structure to reduce Continuous impact crusher, which allows the crushing force to be transferred to aggrega..
1809     Technology for Reducing Magnetite (Fe₃O₄) Corrosi.. 2017-07-07
Category New technology > Others Hits 997
Contents Technology for Reducing Magnetite (Fe₃O₄) Corrosion in Aged Metal Pipe Using a Flange Brass Connector with Electron Emissions Maximized Through Potential Difference Between Heterogeneous Metals (Brass and Metal Zinc) 1. Outline * Corrosion reduction technology that increased contact area between water and metal zinc by using..
1808     Real-time Flow Reaction Type Sewage Treatment Plan.. 2017-06-30
Category New technology > Others Hits 978
Contents Real-time Flow Reaction Type Sewage Treatment Plant Small Hydropower Control Technology through Adjustable-Pitch Linkage of O.M.I Water Tank and Semi-kaplan Hydraulic Turbine 1. Outline * Sewage Treatment Plant Small Hydropower Control technology that can produce electricity without the loss of effluent water by reacting in r..

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