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New technology > Air & Odor bullet 1 documents out of 53
264     Scattering Coal Dust (Highly Moisturized Powder) R.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 256
Contents 1. Overview - Technology of Integrated Wet Dust Collector and process, enhancing the dust collection efficiency by maximizing the contacting effectiveness of massive, highly moisturized coat dust with inclined multi-stage diaphragm and impacting plate for the method - Process collecting and treating the highly moisturized coal dust produ..
263     Long Bag Dust Removal Technology through Compresse.. 2017-08-04
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 2290
Contents Long Bag Dust Removal Technology through Compressed Air Injection Device (CK Injector) 1. Outline * Technology to clean the dust attached to filters by using compressed air injection device. 2. Characteristic * Removing by injecting strong air so that the filtered substances do not interfere with the function of filters. -..
262     Electrostatic Dust Collecting MPS(Micro Pulse Sys.. 2017-08-04
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 2308
Contents Electrostatic Dust Collecting MPS(Micro Pulse System) Technology for Energy Saving and Dust Control 1. Outline * Technology to collect and remove dust by using high voltage generated by adding micro-pulse voltage to DC voltage. 2. Characteristic * Charging the dust in the gas by generating a large amount of gas anions by c..
261     Emitted CO₂Gas Capture·Materialization Process U.. 2017-05-12
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 842
Contents Emitted CO₂ Gas Capture·Materialization Process Using Alkali Suspension Micro-bubble Reactor 1. Outline * Technology that absorbs and captures carbon dioxide in combustion exhaust gas from power plant by using alkali suspension and micro-bubble reactor in order to use as industrial raw material such as cement substitute 2. C..
260     High Concentration SF6 Gas Processing Technology U.. 2017-04-07
Category New technology > Air & Odor Hits 794
Contents High Concentration SF6 Gas Processing Technology Using Electron Beam 1. Outline * Technology to decompose sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which is an air pollutant, through sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and hydrogen reaction by irradiation. 2. Characteristic * Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) reacts with hydrogen by irradiation to decompo..

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