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737     Lake Water Purification Technology Using the Conta.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 250
Contents 1. Overview - Technology maintaining the lake water quality above the Third Class of Living Environment Standard for Chlorophyll-a & SS with the construction of trap device filled with composite contact media - Planting vegetation on the trap device by improving the lake water quality through organic material removing mechanism and nutr..
736     Advanced MBR Waste Water Treatment Technology Usi.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 241
Contents 1. Overview - MBR Process constituted with No. 1 & 2 Alternate Reactor operating alternatively as anaerobic tank & anoxic tank by, Aerobic Tank, Post-nitrification Tank and Micro-filter Sediment Separation Membrane Tank by the Flow Path Alteration Device. - Maximize the biological removal firstly reducing phosphor load by injecting t..
735     Nitrogen & Phosphor Treatment Technology Using the .. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 246
Contents 1. Overview - To use the sludge product as a substrate for water treatment microorganism by mixing the surplus sludge and Sodium Hypochlorite in appropriate ratio, and putting it in the MBR Bioreactor. - Technology satisfying the water quality standard of nitrogen & phosphor effluent with no injection of any additional chemical by retaini..
734     Overall Non-excavating Tap Water & Sewage Water Lin.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Water Hits 219
Contents 1. Overview - Technology verifying the inserting length (m) and speed (m/min) of impregnated tube and automatically maintaining the pressure by installing the distance measuring device when either hauling in or reversing out the impregnated tube in the Overall Non-excavating Tap Water & Sewage Water Line Repair Method. For more infor..
733     A Technology for Total Repairing of Pipes Using a V.. 2017-09-21
Category New technology > Water Hits 246
Contents 1. Overview - A non-drill, total repairing technology for sewage pipes which installs a vertical cylinder shape reverse tank with the upper and lower ends open on the top of the manhole to continuously invert, insert, and heat-set pipe lining material on the buried pipe while using a tilting robot to treat the connected joints. For mo..

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