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731     Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using R.. 2017-08-11
Category New technology > Water Hits 1797
Contents Initial Stormwater Treatment Technology by Using Recycled EPP(Expanded Polypropylene) 1. Outline * Technology to treat floating pollutants in combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by installing recycled polypropylene(H-baffle and V-baffle) in stormwater storage facilities. 2. Characteristic * Generating vortex in the direction..
730     Technology of Non-Motor-Driven Internal Tube Mixin.. 2017-07-21
Category New technology > Water Hits 569
Contents Technology of Non-Motor-Driven Internal Tube Mixing Device Using Differencial Head 1. Outline * Water purification technology that improves the efficiency of flocculation process by using the internal tube instant mixing device. 2. Characteristic * Inducement of rapid and uniform diffusion of flocculants through the use of..
729     Untreated Sewage Treatment Technology during Rainf.. 2017-06-02
Category New technology > Water Hits 580
Contents Untreated Sewage Treatment Technology during Rainfall Using Micro-bubble and Three-stage Bulkhead Type Flotation Plant 1. Outline * Technology that can process 1,000 tons in 15 minutes using micro-bubbles and three-stage bulkhead floatation plant, while conventional biological treatment technology takes 12 hours. 2. Characteris..
728     Natural River Water Quality·Quantity Determinatio.. 2017-05-05
Category New technology > Water Hits 558
Contents Natural River Water Quality·Quantity Determination Technology Using Flagship Species(Fish) Database 1. Outline * Freshwater fish inhabiting aquatic ecosystems are selected as key indicator species and used as a database for estimating and evaluating ecological flow and target water quality and restoring the environment. 2. C..
727     Mobile Floating Separation Technology Capable of R.. 2017-04-28
Category New technology > Water Hits 500
Contents Mobile Floating Separation Technology Capable of Removing Underwater and Water Surface Algae 1. Outline * After the influx of contaminated water, it is converted into active micro-bubble and sprayed in the water to make water pollutants float over the surface and to collect them. Collected water pollutants are immediately removed t..

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