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New technology > Noise & Vibration bullet 1 documents out of 6
28     Driving Technology of a High-pressure High-capacity.. 2015-11-11
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 1045
Contents 1. Outline - A technology to operate a system without trip by automatically switching to a slave controller when failure occurs in the master controller while an inverter is being operated - A variable speed control technology of next-generation high-pressure motor with a significantly improved electric power quality 2. Characteristics..
27     Technology to Manufacture Vehicle Interior Material.. 2015-10-06
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 747
Contents 1. Outline A technology, compared to the production of PU from a complete product, to reduce the air pollution caused by CO2 through the reaction of toluene and H2O, which is a form A technology to grind and distribute polyurethane scraps A technology to manufacture a vehicle’s interior materials for sound absorption and insulation t..
26     Vibration isolator that uses linear bearings and coi.. 2015-08-20
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 728
Contents Outline It is a technology that reduces the impact of an earthquake, which will be transferred from the floor of a building to the equipment located at upper levels. When an earthquake occurs, the systems inside the buildings could be toppled and damaged because of the acceleration magnified by the building response. This technology can p..
25     Reduction in drainage noise generated between floors.. 2015-07-21
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 854
Contents Reduction in drainage noise generated between floors of apartment bathrooms using an on-slab plumbing system New Excellent Technology (NET) No. 433 1. Outline * Waste pipe and drain pipe are installed and constructed in the corresponding floor of an apartment bathroom using a shelf-type wall (on-slab plumbing system). 2. Character..
24     Traffic noise reduction with the multi-layer pavemen.. 2015-06-26
Category New technology > Noise & Vibration Hits 620
Contents Traffic noise reduction with the multi-layer pavement structure using radial type SBS modifier New Excellent Technology (NET) No. 367 1. Outline - This technology is to improve the effect of reducing traffic noise by using the radial SBS (radial type styrene-butadiene diblock) based modifier for paving asphalt to improve the durabil..

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