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New technology > Ecology & Soil bullet 1 documents out of 22
106     Thermal Desorption Purification Technology of Oil-P.. 2017-08-18
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 2371
Contents Thermal Desorption Purification Technology of Oil-Polluted Soil by Using Circulating Hot Air of Regenerative Combustion Device(RTO) and a Stepwise Rotary Kiln 1. Outline * Ground treatment technology that volatilizes and desorbs the adsorbed pollutants by heating the soil to a certain temperature in a controlled environment. ..
105     Environment-friendly Geogrid Manufacturing Technolo.. 2017-04-28
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 824
Contents Environment-friendly Geogrid Manufacturing Technology 1. Outline * Technology that significantly reduces soil contamination by adhering PVC on the surface of geogrid (polyester). 2. Characteristic * Replacement method of existing concrete retaining wall or replacement of gravity type concrete, Partial reinforcement role of..
104     Technology Building and Manufacturing Lower Drain B.. 2017-01-27
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 971
Contents Technology Building and Manufacturing Lower Drain Boards for Greening Rooftop Installed with Seats for Resistance to Root Penetration 1. Outline * Greening technology realizing functions such as resistance to root penetration, drainage, storage of water as modular systems by unifying 3 stages of filter of soil, layers of drainage,..
103     Composition Technology of Urban Artificial Wetland.. 2016-06-17
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 859
Contents Composition Technology of Urban Artificial Wetlands with Modular Methods 1. Outline * Technology inducing wetlands ecology’s mechanism preventing problems such as algal bloom, generation of single dominants, reduction of diversity of plant species, situation for wetlands to become dry, reduction of open surface of water, situation b..
102     Manufacturing Technology of Biodegradable Flexible .. 2015-11-17
Category New technology > Ecology & Soil Hits 1521
Contents 1. Outline * Technology to manufacture flexible packaging materials using biodegradable polymer such as TPS derived from vegetable starch * Technology to manufacture packaging materials from which endocrine disruptors are not detected using corn, silicon, etc., which are not harmful to human body 2. Characteristics * Reduces and re..

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