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377     Cyclic Coarse Aggregate Production Technology Usin.. 2017-11-08
Category New technology > Waste Hits 126
Contents 1. Overview - To put cyclic coarse aggregates under production respectively in 2 sets of Hoppers using the Aggregate Diameter Based Sorting & Sequential Feeding Equipment and Operating Speed Adjustable Cone Crusher, and feed to the Cone Crusher in order using the Sequential Feeding Equipment constituted of Hoppers and Automatic C..
376     Cyclic Coarse Aggregate Production Technology for C.. 2017-11-08
Category New technology > Waste Hits 124
Contents 1. Overview - Technology producing cyclic coarse aggregates for concrete mixing by removing the mortar stained on the surfaces of cyclic coarse aggregates obtained from the intermediate treatment process of waste construction materials with continuous impacting of Bucket Type Drum and Strike-peeling Equipment. For more information, ..
375     Dry Oil Spill Pollutant (TPH : Total Petroleum Hyd.. 2017-10-10
Category New technology > Waste Hits 268
Contents 1. Overview - Technology physically removing the oil spills (TPH: Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) on road gravel surfaces of polluted railroad site by spraying the alumina with compressed air and drying & desorbing process. For more information, see the attached file.
374     A Technology of Producing Coarse Recycled Aggregat.. 2017-09-28
Category New technology > Waste Hits 250
Contents 1. Overview - This technique uses a rotational hitting power generated by many spiral steel iron brushes continuously fastened to the central axis of the drum to separate and removes the mortar, that irregularly remains and is stuck on the surface of the circulating coarse aggregate after the first, second and third crushing processes and s..
373     Waste Earth and Sand Sorting Technology Using the .. 2017-09-28
Category New technology > Waste Hits 0
1. Overview
-Intermediate treatment technology on construction waste materials increasing the production of recycling aggregate for road subbase by sorting the waste earth & sand with Vibration Screen adding the relativ..

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