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Title Working Guidance on Ecotown Selection·Management·Support
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Contents Working Guidance on Ecotown Selection·Management·Support

1. System Overview

* System Concept
- A town which local residents voluntarily preserve its natural environment and scenery or its restoration of damaged nature is superior and which is selected as an Ecotown by the Minister of Environment or the head of local government.
- After selection, regular assessment shall be done every 3 years to prove its superiority. This way of management is intended to preserve ecological functionality and magnificent natural scenery continuously.

* Project Objective
- Actively discovering and promoting the cases of well-preserved natural ecosystem and superior restoration to cultivate the nation’s awareness on nature preservation.
- Selecting Ecotown and superior restoration cases to enhance local residents’ pride to lead residents to participate in local environment preservation.

2. Ecotown Support

* Actively financing Ecotown to preserve Ecotown’s superior ecology resources and lead wise use of these and actively supporting discover of successful restoration cases.

* Support type : Local governments financing.

* Support condition : Government 100%.

* Project host : Elementary local government.

* Project description : Ecology restoration, natural ecology study field construction, Ecotown promotion related facility installation and other projects required for Ecotown preservation and management activities.

For more information, see the attached file.
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