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Title Implementation of Low Emission Zone (LEZ) System over..
Attached File 17PP-14_Implemnetation_of_Low_Emission_Zone_(LEZ)_System_over_Entire_Seoul_Metropolitan_Area_in_2017.pdf Date
- The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) System is intended to improve the quality of atmospheric air, and build up 「Seoul, the City of Enjoyable Breath」 by reducing the (ultra) fine dusts, nitrogen oxide and other human body harmful materials emitted from superannuated motor vehicles and construction equipments.
- Date of Enforcement : January 1st, 2017
- Relevant Ordinances : Article 58, Clean Air Conservation Act; Clause 2, Article 28, Special Act on Seoul Metropolitan Air Quality Improvement and Problems; Article 17, Ordinance on Promoting Improvement and Supporting the Atmospheric Air Environment of Seoul Metropolitan City; Article 5, Ordinance on Designating the Prohibited Zone and Prohibiting Operation of Pollution Motor Vehicles; Article 14, Administrative Procedures Act; Article 33, Local Tax Act, and etc.

- August 4th, 2016 The Ministry of Environment and 3 local municipal governments (Seoul, Incheon & Gyeonggi-do) intend to reduce the fine dusts produced from the superannuated diesel fuel vehicles registered at the Seoul Metropolitan Atmospheric Air control Zone (Excepted with Ongjin-gun, Yeoncheon-gun & Gapyeong-gun).
- The Operation Prohibiting System is to be enforced across the entire metropolitan area of Seoul from 2017.

For more information, see the attached file.

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