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Title Analysis on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policy ..
Attached File 17PP-35_Analysis_on_Greenhouse.hwp.pdf Date
1. Purpose of Research

- The purpose of this research is intended to analyze the industrial & economic impact of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy to be implemented in Korea.
- The related industry concerns the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy containing the contents of execution of Emission Trading System and the announcement of long & short term national reduction target would adversely affect on the industrial competitiveness of Korea.
- While the domestic researches conducted & analyzed the relationship between the regulating greenhouse gas and industrial competitiveness are available, the concrete analysis on the possibility of carbon leakage attributable to the emission reducing regulation, potential route which may induce the carbon leakage and its primary conditions is necessary.
- Through investigation regarding the policy effects resulted in the countries of EU executing the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy earlier than Korea, the research intends to provide certain suggestive points on the government policy and its countermeasure direction by analyzing in diversified way of potential impact to be influencing on the Korean industries.

For more information, see the attached file.
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