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Title Selected 8 Excellent Local Governments in Managing Environmental Pollutants Discharge Workplace
Attached File 17pp-95-Selected_8_Excellent_Local.pdf  File Download Date 2018-05-11
1. Overview- The Ministry of Environment evaluated ''''''''2016 actual conditions of environment management environmental pollutants discharge workplace discharge workplace'''''''' for 17 metropolitan cities ? provinces and 228 cities ? counties ? wards across the country and selected total 8 places as excellent local governments including special ? metropolitan cities 2 places, metropolitan provinces 2 places, primary local governments 4 places.* Gwangju metropolitan city · Ulsan metropolitan city (special·metropolitan city)* Gyengsangnam-do · Jeju special self-governing province(metropolitan province)* Gyengnam -Hadong-gun·Gwangju-Gwangsan-gu (primary lolcal government)* Incheon -Nam-gu·Incheon-Namdong-gu (primary lolcal government)
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