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30     Comprehensive Measures to Strengthen Tap Water Qua.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2037
Contents The government is implementing the Comprehensive Measures to Strengthen Tap Water Quality Management, comprised of 18 short- and long-term tasks jointly formulated by relevant ministries. The measures aim to supply safe drinking water to the public by strengthening the overall supervision of tap water production and supply infrastructur..
29     Establishing Water Quality Preservation Management.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2061
Contents In accordance with the Water Quality Preservation Act, watershed regions are classified into 4 large and 11 medium areas, as an effort to improve management. The Han River area includes the Han River itself, the east coast watershed (the Gangwon area), and the west coast watershed (Anseong River and others in the Gyeonggi area). The Nakdong..
28     Implementation of Resident Support Projects, such a.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 1995
Contents Residents who have worked voluntarily to improve the water quality of upstream protection area, buffer strips and dam-adjacent areas, can now benefit from resident support projects, such as the income augmentation project and the welfare promotion project. The following is the implementation procedure for resident support projects.
27     Restricting the Use of Fertilizers and Pesticides i.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2034
Contents Only limited amount of pesticides and fertilizers will be used in public properties around the rivers, forbidding any overuse, abuse and misuse of the chemicals. Unlike the government's legislation proposal, the law that passed through the National Assembly designates national and public properties as the pesticide and fertilizer restrict..
26     Designating Buffer Strips Along the Riversides of U.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2098
Contents Riparian buffer zones have been designated in the dam's upstream area to prevent water pollution caused by reckless development. For Han River, the riparian buffer zones are 500 meters wide outside of the Special Measures area and 1,000 meters wide within the Special Measures Area. The designated riparian buffer zones for the Nakdong Rive..

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