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41     Reduction of Ground-level Ozone (O3) 2002-11-09
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 1923
Contents 1) Difficulties of Regulating Ground-level Ozone Ozone is formed from nitrogen dioxide under intense sunlight. When the concentration of ozone becomes high, it compromises visibility, human health, plants and animals, and other properties. With the number of cars increasing rapidly since 1990, the concentration of ozone has frequentl..
40     Countermeasures against Dust 2002-11-09
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 1941
Contents Dusts are classified as fugitive dusts and emission dusts. More than half of all types of dust fall into the first category. This type of dust comes from coal mines and quarries or is produced by the movement and operation of vehicles at construction sites. Emission dusts are produced mainly from the combustion of fuels. 1) Reduction of Em..
39     Countermeasures Against SO2 2002-11-09
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 1930
Contents 1) Overview SO2 is produced mainly by the combustion of fuels. In Korea, fuel combustion in factories, households, motor vehicles, and power plants accounts for the vast part of all SO2 emissions. Both burning low-sulfur oil and desulfurizing smoke stack emissions help reduce the amount of SO2 in the atmosphere. The prevailing metho..
38     Preservation of Clean Air-Green vision 21 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 1831
Contents - The air in major cities will become fresher as use of clean fuels becomes more widespread. - Pollution caused by automobiles will be substantially reduced by promoting the use of low-emission diesel-powered vehicles and the use of zero-pollution automobiles such as electric automobiles. a. Expansion of Clean Fuel Supply - The supply of cl..
37     Underground Air Quality 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 1973
Contents Underground living space has been recognized as an excellent means to accommodating increasing population and optimize land use in urban areas. However, underground air quality has not been properly managed, leading to the grave underground air pollution problems. After studying the advanced indoor air quality standards of the U.S. and Ja..

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