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26     Designating Buffer Strips Along the Riversides of U.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2196
Contents Riparian buffer zones have been designated in the dam's upstream area to prevent water pollution caused by reckless development. For Han River, the riparian buffer zones are 500 meters wide outside of the Special Measures area and 1,000 meters wide within the Special Measures Area. The designated riparian buffer zones for the Nakdong Rive..
25     Sufficient Supply of Clean Water-Green vision 21 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2184
Contents a. Strengthened standards for water quality and changed regulation methods - The government will strengthen the standards for effluents which are discharged into rivers and will expand the number of hazardous substances subject to control for protection of public health. - The regulation methods will be gradually changed. Whereas the curren..
24     Development of Environmental Science and Technology.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2124
Contents From 1992 to 2001, the government introduced a three-stage Environmental Engineering Technology Development Program to upgrade the ROK's environmental technology to the level of advanced G7 countries. Along with this, a joint program with public-private sectors has been implemented. From 1992 to 2000, 325 billion won was invested in 306 rese..
23     Stratagies and Vision for Sustainable Development I.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2127
Contents The Basic Environmental Policy Act stipulates that the MOE shall be responsible for the establishment of an integrated long-term policy. Thus Green Vision 21 was established with forward-looking environmental policy objectives and action plans for the next decade. The government has established and launched annual and mid-tem action pla..
22     Accelerating the Commercialization of Environmental.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 2185
Contents Even when state-of-the art environmental technology is developed or introduced, if it lacks practicality in real life, new technology users will not fully trust and utilize the technology. Therefore, when new environmental technology is developed, the government will objectively evaluate its environmental performance and post the results, ..

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