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6     Measures for Noise and Vibration Control 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 2687
Contents A. Measures for Noise Control To eradicate the problem of factory noise, noise-generating sources should be built as far away from residential areas as practically possible. In addition, more efforts should be made to developing and investing in low-noise machinery and noise abatement facilities and technologies. Factor..
5     Environmental Quality Standards and Standards for R.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 2886
Contents 1) Environmental Quality Standards In an industrial society, effective air pollution reduction is not easily achieved by controlling individual sources only. Society therefore requires environmental quality standards by which healthy and unhealthy conditions can be defined, and various regulations should be enacted and measures taken to..
4     Designation and Management of Special Countermeasur.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 2861
Contents 1) Overview Article 22-1 of the Environmental Policy Act provides requirements and procedures for Special Countermeasure Areas, stating that "The Minister of Environment shall, through consultation with ministers of related ministries, mayors and governors, designate and announce areas where environmental pollution or changes in the nat..
3     Acts Relating to Water Resource Management and Comm.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 3031
Contents Special Acts on the Three Major Rivers' Watershed Management - Nakdong, Geum and Yeongsan Rivers - were finally passed by the Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly on 30 November 2001. These Acts, along with the already enacted Special Act for Han River (1999), finally institutes the Comprehensive River Basin Managemen..
2     Emission/Effluent Charges and Environmental Improv.. 2002-11-08
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 4056
Contents 1. Emission/Effluent Charges The Effluent Charge System was first introduced in accordance with the provisions of both the Air Quality Preservation Act and the Water Quality Preservation Act of 1983. Until 1996, charge was levied only on manufacturers that released more effluents than were permitted under the environmental standards. H..

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