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2258     Collective Standard Certification 2017-04-28
Category Policy & Project > Evaluation Hits 385
Contents Collective Standard Certification 1. Purpose of Project * To participate in improving quality advancement and efficiency improvement of facilities through legislation and dissemination of reasonable standards and criteria for machinery and materials of water supply and sewage; purpose is to improve quality of life of people by procu..
2257     Flexible Water Reservation Facility & Operation and.. 2017-04-28
Category Policy & Project > Standards Hits 365
Contents Flexible Water Reservation Facility & Operation and Maintenance Guidance 1. Purpose * This guidance is intended to efficiently plan, construct, operate and maintain the flexible water reservation facility to reserve accidental outflow due to accidents or fire in industrial district and initial rainfalls. 2. Initiative * 「Th..
2256     Certification of Suitability 2017-04-21
Category Policy & Project > Evaluation Hits 430
Contents Certification of Suitability 1. Purpose of Project * To encourage support and research and development of market entry by excellent products through quality certification for products which are difficult to standardize from materials and products used in water supply facilities or newly developed product, etc. and to contribute to pr..
2255     Certification System Garbage Disposal 2017-04-14
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 554
Contents Certification System Garbage Disposal 1. Basic Background * Sale and use of garbage disposal is prohibited as it is classified as specific industrial product pursuant to Article 33 of the Sewage Act, Article 23 of the Enforcement Decree and prohibition of sale and use of garbage disposal (Ordinance of the Ministry of Environment No..
2254     Guidelines for Processing Soil Purifying Cost Supp.. 2017-04-07
Category Policy & Project > Standards Hits 395
Contents Guidelines for Processing Soil Purifying Cost Support Work 1. Purpose * The purpose of guideline is to establish procedures for financial support of the country for alleviating purification responsibility of the person in charge of purification pursuant to Article 5-4 of the Enforcement Decree in case any one of items under article..

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