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2291     Dae Jeon Metropolitan City Carries Out a Solar Pho.. 2017-08-30
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 310
Contents Overview - Dae Jeon Metropolitan City announced that the city will conduct a solar photovoltaic rental support project for apartment housing. Backgroud - Today, a solar power generation market is steadily emerging. Unlike existing energy sources, the sunlight, which converts sun energy into electricity using photovoltaic cells is a ..
2290     Support Policy for Environment-Friendly Vehicles 2017-08-30
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 310
Contents Overview - Korea’s Support System for Distribution of Environment-Friendly Vehicles Background - Support for the distribution of environment-friendly vehicles has been implemented aggressively around the world. - Comparison of Foreign Policy Trend of Support for Distribution of Environment-Friendly Vehicles For more informat..
2289     Integrated Environmental Management System 2017-08-30
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 258
Contents Overview - The Integrated Environmental Management System means an optimal environmental management system that conducts an overall review of the impact of emitted pollutants on the environment, and minimizes pollutant discharges from business establishments in general through economically possible means. - This System aims to maximize t..
2288     Technology Development Project for Promotion of the.. 2017-08-30
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 270
Contents Overview - Promotion of the water industry and facilitation of overseas expansion based on R&D outcomes through the enhancement of fundamental technology in the water industry and the construction of a commercialization support system. - Project Period : 2019~2028 (approximately 10 years) First Period (2019~2021) : T-B Application ..
2287     Implementation of Low Emission Zone (LEZ) System o.. 2017-08-28
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 190
Contents Overview - The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) System is intended to improve the quality of atmospheric air, and build up 「Seoul, the City of Enjoyable Breath」 by reducing the (ultra) fine dusts, nitrogen oxide and other human body harmful materials emitted from superannuated motor vehicles and construction equipments. - Date of Enforcement : J..

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