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2286     Primary Contents of Advanced Recycling Management S.. 2017-08-28
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 190
Contents Overview - The list oriented recycling permission system is classified considering the specific nature of waste materials & recycling activities, and converted to a substantially negative system permitting the recycling subject to meeting the minimum principle and compliance of requirements. - Advanced recycling management system such as ..
2285     Small & Medium Environmental Enterprises Commercial.. 2017-08-28
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 190
Contents Overview - Customized project support across the stages of growth for commercialization of excellent ecotechnology developed and revenue generation. * (Infrastructure Building Project) Improvement of company'' self supporting capability by technical management such as entry to new market, business expansion and technical improvem..
2284     Subsidization for the New Environmental Technology .. 2017-08-25
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 224
Contents Overview - The financial support on the on-site evaluation cost of technology verification of new environmental technologies developed by SMEs, allows and promotes dissemination and practical application of new environmental technologies and reduce the economic burden. For more information, see the attached file.
2283     Chemical Materials Control Act and Systems of Korea.. 2017-08-25
Category Policy & Project > Laws & Regulations Hits 235
Contents Overview - Revised (Executed on June 4th, 2013, January 1st, 2015) the whole 「Harmful Chemical Materials Control Act」 changing the title of act as Chemical Materials Control Act」, and introduced the ''''Harmful Chemical Materials Business License System''''. Background - The Ministry of Environment, immediately a..
2282     HAPs Scattered Discharge Facility Control System o.. 2017-08-25
Category Policy & Project > Projects Hits 220
Contents Overview - The HAPs Scattered Discharge Facility Control System is a system procedure intending to control and manage the facilities & processes emitting the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), of which the targeted job site operators shall minimize the amount of HAPs emitting in compliance with the facility management standards applicable..

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