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Title Act on Liability of Compensation & Remedy for Damages ..
The Ministry of Environment (www.me.go.kr)
Attached File 16Data-95_Act_On_Liability_of_Compensation_&_Remedy_for_Damages_of_Environment_Pollution.pdf Date
Act on Liability of Compensation & Remedy for Damages of Environment Pollution

1. Objective

* This Act is intended to stipulate provisions authorized by 「Act on Liability of Compensation and Remedy for Damages of Environment Pollution」 and its Enforcement Order and provisions required for their enforcement.

2. Record/Preservation of Environment Pollution Accident

* The head of related administrative authority who received environment pollution accident report according to the Act Article 8-3 should enter its contents into the data processing system according to the Act Article 8-1 and preserve the data.

* Business Operator should record/preserve following information related to environment pollution accident according to the Act Article 8-3.
- Summary of how the environment pollution accident occurred like date/time/place, cause, facility status and etc. of environment pollution accident occurrence.
- Victim’s profile, degree of damage and human injury status.
- Property damage status like scale of damage and it amount for each damaged property.
- Action and temporal remedy status after environment pollution accident.
- Environment liability insurance application and damage compensation status and etc.
- Other information requiring record and preservation related to environment pollution accident like inspection on causes and its result and etc.

3. Mandatory Subcontract Reporters and Procedure

* The Act Article 12-1, "Business Operator determined by The Order of The Ministry of Environment" means a business operator who installs and operates each facility stipulated in the Act Article 17-1.

For more information, see the attached file.
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