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Title Integrated Environmental Management System
Attached File 17PP-5_Integrated_Environmental(1).hwp.pdf Date
- The Integrated Environmental Management System means an optimal environmental management system that conducts an overall review of the impact of emitted pollutants on the environment, and minimizes pollutant discharges from business establishments in general through economically possible means.
- This System aims to maximize the effects of environment enhancement by improving problems of the current environmental management methods adopted by business establishments and reducing corporate burdens, thereby establishing an environmental management system suitable for business establishment conditions.
- Effective from January 1, 2017

- The previous environment management that has been implemented for over 40 years was a permission system management for each media and facility.
- The introduction of the Integrated Environmental Management System indicates a conversion of the over 40-year-old environment management system into a comprehensive integrated environmental management for each business establishment.

For more information, see the attached file.

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