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Title Technology Development Project for Promotion of the Water Industry
Attached File 17PP-6_Technology_Development_Project(1).hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-08-30
Contents Overview
- Promotion of the water industry and facilitation of overseas expansion based on R&D outcomes through the enhancement of fundamental technology in the water industry and the construction of a commercialization support system.
- Project Period : 2019~2028 (approximately 10 years)
First Period (2019~2021) : T-B Application
Second Period (2022~2025) : Industry Application
Third Period (2026~2028) : Expansion of Export Commercialization
- Required Budget(Estimation) : Some 230 billion won (by government grant)
- Project Supervision : Department in charge of water industry promotion and related R&D department

- As the growth of the domestic market has come to a complete standstill, it is high time for aggressive expansion into foreign markets for sustainable growth of Korea''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s water industry.
- The size of the domestic market stands at $9.1 billion in 2013, accounting for 1.6% in the world market. However, compared with an annual growth rate of 4.2% of the world market, the growth of the domestic market is slowing down with an annual growth rate of 3.1%, so it is forecasted that the gap is widening further.

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