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Title Reinforcing of Vehicle Emitting Fine Dust Control Us..
Attached File 17PP-32_Reinforcing_of_Vehicle.hwp.pdf Date
1. Overview

- The Ministry of Environment expands the installation of monitoring cameras and reinforces the supporting low emission of superannuated diesel vehicles in order to enhance the effectiveness of Low Emission Zone (LEZ) System (System limiting operation of superannuated diesel vehicle) which has been implemented by the Seoul Metropolitan City Government beginning January 1st, 2017.
- Presently, the Seoul Metropolitan City Government operates the superannuated diesel vehicle operation limiting monitoring cameras at 13 locations in Seoul including the Riverside North Expressway and Olympic Expressway in Seoul.
* Additional monitoring cameras are to be installed at 19 locations by 2nd part of this year, increasing the control locations to 61 by 2019.
* The Incheon Metropolitan City and the Gyeonggi-do municipal governments implementing the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) System* beginning from 2018 plans to install the monitoring cameras respectively at 20 locations (2018∼2020), and 76 locations (2018∼2020) respectively.
* Implementation of Operation Limiting System : 17 cities & provinces including Seoul, Incheon & Gyeonggi-do by 2018, and entire Atmospheric Air Management Area by 2020.
* KW200,00 of fine for fault to be imposed in the event the driving of operation limiting target vehicle is uncovered by the monitoring control camera.*
* Cases of imposing fine by Seoul Metropolitan City: 2012∼2016 1,544 cases, 2017~present : 393 cases

For more information, see the attached file.
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