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Title Enhancement Consumer Protection by Displaying Environ..
Attached File 17PP-33_Enhancement_Consumer_Protection.hwp.pdf Date
1. Overview

- The Corruption Fighting Group of Office for Government Policy Coordination has disclosed total 166 cases* upon conducting the joint inspection on ''''Environment friendly & natural'''' message exaggerated advertisements with other concerned government departments from September 2016 to January 2017.
* 103 falsified or exaggerated ‘environment friendly &/or natural’ message advertisements, 27 illegal uses and 36 certification criteria deficiencies.
* Out of entire disclosures, total 121 cases of requests for investigation (10 cases), cancellations of certification (27 cases) and correction orders (84 cases) were completed of necessary actions with balance 45 cases of ongoing Administrative Measures processes.
- The criteria as to whether those ‘environment friendly’ product advertisements are ''''advantageous to environment, and/or healthy & safe'''', and what contents of ''''natural'''' product ingredients are indicated in the advertisements are not clear.
* Regulation and criteria of use for terminologies of ‘Environment friendly’, ‘Natural’ is newly established reinforcing the protection for consumers.
- The requisites for ''''health and safety'''' are reinforced by either prohibiting or minimizing the use of harmful materials when certifying the Environment Mark for those living commodities of people such as articles for children.
* Those civilian certifications of Environment Marks are to be distinguished from the public certification by clearly indicating the certifying institutions.
* Protection of consumers reinforced with the programs such as enhancing the transparency by open selection of consignment institution for official GR certification & etc.

For more information, see the attached file.
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