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56   []   Seoul Conference Highlights Importance of Rice (2)
Date 2004-09-21 Hit 3217
Contents Rice, The Staple at Risk The three events has given Koreans and the government a moment to ponder the rice business here, which has faced a variety of obstacles lately. "Rice is a precious food, which has shared a history with Korean people for the last five thousand years. It still accounts for 52 percent of farmers?income here and 56 p..
55   []   Seoul Conference Highlights Importance of Rice (1)
Date 2004-09-21 Hit 3119
Contents The International Rice Science Conference will have its final day of its three-day agenda today, which takes place in Seoul, to discuss the latest studies on rice production in commemoration of the Year of Rice falling this year. In order to highlight the importance of rice as a major staple for over half of the world뭩 population, the Unit..
54   []   Change of Saemangum Project
Date 2004-09-06 Hit 3045
Contents Change of Saemangum Project Construction of Golf Range Should Be Prohibited The Saemangum reclamation project is again drawing concern because its original purpose is likely to change, to the apparent detriment of the environment surrounding the region. Holding jurisdiction over the area being reclaimed, North Cholla Province plans t..
53   []   Career Opportunity - CHIEF TECHNICAL ADVISOR (UNDP/GEF ROK WETLA..
Date 2004-08-31 Hit 3241
Contents 2 months in year 4) A competitive tax-free salary with benefits. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae by 21 July 2004 to: Lee, Yueok, Nature Policy Division, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of Environment, Joongang-dong, Kwachon Kyonggi-do, Republic of Korea, e-mail: vtlyeok@me.go.kr. ..
52   []   Toxic Teflon Chemical Found in Blood of People from Asia, the Americas and..
Date 2004-08-03 Hit 3147
Contents WASHINGTON - A new study in a peer-reviewed science journal finds that toxic chemicals used to make Teflon cookware, as well as a range of water- and stain-resistant coatings on paper, carpets and furniture, are in people's blood across the globe. A recently study in Environmental Science & Technology finds Teflon chemicals in people fr..

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