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11    4 Religious Leaders on Ecological Crusade to Save Saemangum
Date 2003-05-30 Hit 2979
Contents A long procession of people, grouped in two, was seen along the streets in downtown Seoul yesterday, engaged in a repeated motion of taking a few steps with their palms drawn together and then giving deep bows with their heads lowered on the concrete floor. At the very front of the line were four men, Catholic priest Mun Kyu-hyun, 58, Buddh..
10    APEC-VC
Date 2003-04-22 Hit 4001
Contents 'ANNOUNCEMENT' The APEC-VC Korea internet service is going to be disconnected for two days because of an electrical safety check for the Environmental Research Complex. Period : April 26, 08:00AM ~ April 27, 19:00PM We are so sorry to make you trouble in using of the internet service.
9    3rd World Water Forum
Date 2003-02-12 Hit 3184
Contents World Water Flows to Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka Dates:March 16-23, 2003 (8days) Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka have been selected as the venues for the 3rd World Water Forum, to be held in March 2003. These three prefectures share the water resources of the Lake Biwa - Yodo River Basin, and their collaboration in hosting the Forum symbolizes the bas..
8    Global Conference on Water for Health & the Environment 2003
Date 2003-02-12 Hit 3207
Contents Be part of this historic global Environmental Justice group discussion on water and how it relates to health from the perspective of “Communities of Color”. You will hear internationally renowned speakers discuss the cultural dependencies and spiritual dimensions of water and how global watershed protection must be achieved in or..
7    World Water Development Report - Information meeting with the Permanent De..
Date 2003-02-12 Hit 3267
Contents The Director-General of UNESCO, Ko?hiro Matsuura brought together on Monday 10, February 2003, the Permanent Delegates to the Organization to brief them on the state of the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) and the status of the first edition of the World Water Development Report, which will be released in Kyoto, on 16 to 23 March ..

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