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23    2003 Japan Keihanna Workshop Program (Time Schedule)
Date 2003-11-29 Hit 4006
Contents ■ Monday 10 November Participants from overseas arrive in Japan. 19:00 ~ 21:00 Preliminary meeting for the workshop ■ Tuesday 11 November 10:00 ~ 11:45 Opening Ceremony 10:00 ~ 10:05 Opening Remarks by the APEC-VC Workshop Chairman (Dr. Yutaka Suzuki, Director-General of Himeji Institute of Technology) 10:05 ..
22    Buan nuclear dump could be scuttled
Date 2003-09-22 Hit 3345
Contents In what may be a major victory for residents in Buan county in North Jeolla province, the Blue House reportedly is considering a plan to drop construction of a nuclear waste disposal facility in the area. A Blue House source said the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has drafted two plans: One is to go ahead with the construction; ..
21    Nuclear dump sparks boycott
Date 2003-08-26 Hit 3342
Contents Almost 70 percent of elementary school students did not attend classes yesterday in Buan, North Jeolla province, as they and their parents joined in a protest against the construction of a nuclear disposal facility on Wido Island. The Buan Educational Office said that 2,760 elementary students out of 4,043 in the area joined in the boycott. ..
20    Roh hardens stance on waste site dispute
Date 2003-08-22 Hit 3234
Contents President Roh Moo-hyun warned yesterday that the government will proceed with its nuclear waste-site project as originally planned if anti-nuclear protesters continue to use violence as a means of obstructing it. "We should seek dialogue (with the local residents), but if such dialogue becomes impossible due to the extreme nature of their c..
19    2003 Keihanna Workshop Overview (draft)
Date 2003-08-20 Hit 3903
Contents Supporting Committee of APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange, Japan ■Objectives Humankind is now faced with many serious environmental problems. Some, such as global warming and ozone layer depletion, affect the entire planet. Others, such as air and water pollution, primarily affect local areas. Resolving ..

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