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45   []   Damages levied for 몊ick house' gases in a home
Date 2004-06-25 Hit 3142
Contents An administrative tribunal has ordered a construction company to compensate victims of the so-called "sick-house syndrome" for the first time here. The syndrome is named for the cause of headaches, asthma and skin irritations that victims suffer from. The ailments are caused by the escape of chemicals from construction materials in newly bu..
44   []   The climate models aren't good enough to forecast exactly, but they are goo..
Date 2004-06-22 Hit 3019
Contents There is no question there will be effects from climate change, Chris Field of the Carnegie Institution of Washington said at a briefing at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. "We are already seeing impacts, the question is, at what level will we decide it is a problem," Field said. William Easterling of Pennsylvan..
43   []   Food chains lead back to earth's soil
Date 2004-06-17 Hit 3269
Contents There is a food chain among grass, a rabbit, a wildcat and bacteria. The cycle from a plant to an herbivore to a carnivore to bacteria ends up in making soil. When a living mechanism dies, it returns to the soil, and humans are not exception in this natural cycle. Edward S. Hyams and other soil scientists coined a phrase, "soil community" to des..
42   []   World Environment Day 2004 (2)
Date 2004-06-09 Hit 2801
Contents Message from President Roh Moo Hyun I congratulate all of you on World Environment Day. And I extend my sincere gratitude to those of you who have been making unprecedented efforts to preserve our environment. Through your endeavors, our nation consolidated environmental awareness and sound environmental infrast..
41   []   World Environment Day 2004 (1)
Date 2004-06-09 Hit 2967
Contents On 5 June, 2004, the official ceremony in celebration of the World Environment Day was held in Korea at the Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX) Auditorium. Over 1,100 participants came from various sectors of society, including the local and central governments, non-governmental organizations, industries and armed forces. The Vice Prime M..

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