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1045    GCF: GCF Structured Dialogue with Asia 
Date 2017-04-28 Hit 1
Contents GCF’s Structured Dialogue with Asia aims to develop a roadmap for priorities of the Fund in this region. The consultations take place in the context of the GCF Strategic Plan and recent Board decisions that provide support for the development of paradigm shifting funding proposals. GCF stakeholders in Asia have the opportunity to increa..
1044    GCF:Growing enthusiasm buoys second day of GCF’s Asian Dialogue 
Date 2017-04-28 Hit 2
Contents Denpasar, 27 Apr 2017 Signs of growing ambition in Asian countries to tackle climate change have laid the groundwork for the second day of GCF’s regional event to boost climate finance. Participants at GCF’s Structured Dialogue on Asia today explore synergies on climate responses after hearing on Wednesday how 19 countries plan to de..
1043    kecO:K eco won the EBI Awards for six years in a row
Date 2017-04-13 Hit 17
Contents K eco was announced as the sixth consecutive year winner by Environmental Business International. K eco was selected as one of the winners of 2016 EBI Awards in the following categories : Advancing Best Practices and Project Merit. - 2016 CCBJ Business Achievement Award , Advancing Best Practices : Low-Carbon Energy - 2016 EBJ..
1042    GGGI: Mongolia’s Energy Regulator strengthens efforts to increase energy..
Date 2017-04-06 Hit 21
Contents ULAANBAATAR – March 20, 2017 – GGGI and the Energy Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (ERC) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on green growth cooperation. The ERC is cooperating with GGGI in implementing Mongolia’s Energy Conservation Law and unlocking green growth opportunities through targeted energy savi..
1041    APCC: APCC Signs MOU with KRC to Combat Climate Change
Date 2017-03-17 Hit 44
Contents The APEC Climate Center (APCC) signed an MOU with the Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC) at the Land Development Project Office in Suwon, Kyunggi, Korea on March 3, 2017 to respond to climate change in the agricultural sector. With APCC's expertise in climate prediction and in climate change, and KRC's expertise in establi..

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