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Title  APCC: APEC Climate Center Signed an MOU on Climate Change Adaptation with the Korea Rural Economic Institute
Date  2017-07-05 PM 4:51:44 Hit  97
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) signed an MOU with the Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) at the KREI headquarters, located in Naju, South Korea on June 27, 2017 to respond to climate change in the agricultural sector.

With APCC’s expertise in climate prediction and in climate information application, and KREI’s expertise in researching for rural society and establishing policies for the development of the agriculture industry, the two organizations signed an MOU for effective cooperation in climate change response projects on the agricultural sector.

The essence of the MOU between APCC and KRC is as follows:

First, both organizations will cooperate in agricultural research/projects against climate change;

Second, both organizations will share domestic/overseas projects for enhancing the responsiveness to climate change, and develop joint projects;

Third, both organizations will develop and operate global education and training programs;

Finally, both organizations will conduct an exchange of each institute’s experts.

Meanwhile, APCC and KREI will begin a joint research initiative for introducing Regional Smart Agriculture Techniques to Laos, later in 2017.
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