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Title [] IPRC: Kevin Richards, the director of IPRC visits the APEC Climate Center
Date  2017-02-03 PM 4:26:07 Hit  281
Dr. Kevin Richards, the director of International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) visited the APEC Climate Center on 17 January, 2017. Dr. Richards discussed possible ares of cooperation with APCC talking with Dr. Hong-Sang Jung, the president of APCC, Dr. Hyungjin Kim, the head of Climate application Department, and Dr. Jinho Yoo, the head of Climate Prediction Department.

APCC and IPRC have been working together on climate prediction technology such as global climate modeling since APCC was established in 2005. This visit was to discover potential cooperation opportunities based on previous work experiences and achievement of the two organization for their collective advancement.

IPRC was established in University of Hawaii Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) in 1997 to provide an international research environment on climate science. Its aim is to improve predictability of climate variability and change in the Asia-Pacific sector, and to develop innovative ways to utilize knowledge for the benefit of society
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