Title [] GCF: Invitation for Twelfth Round of Application for Accereditation as an observer Organization to the Green Climate Fund
Date 2017-02-09 PM 2:44:51 Hit 442
In line with the Governing Instrument for the Green Fund(the GCF) and the Rules of Procedures of the Board, the Co-Chairs in consultation with the Board, invite accredited observer organizations to the sixteenth meeting of the board of the Green Climate Fund, to be held in October 2016.

Following the GCF's Governing Instrument and Fules of Procedures of the Board, which encourage accredited observer organizations to designate representatives to attend meetings of the Board, the Co-Chairs of the GCF Board invite civel society organizations(CSOs), private sector organization (PSOs), and international entities (IEs), wishing to obtain observer status, to apply for accreditation.

Applications for accreditation as an observer organization should be submitted by Monday, 20 February 2017, 18.00 KST(UTC+09.00) the the following address: Observers@gcfund, org

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