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16    Government Promises Support Package for Wido Residents
Date 2003-07-31 Hit 3200
Contents The government yesterday pledged to provide assistance equal to cash compensation to the residents of Wido Islet off the coast of Puan County in North Cholla province for agreeing to host the nation's first nuclear waste storage facility. The measure, mapped out during an emergency meeting by Cabinet ministers and other high-ranking gover..
15    Roh backs Saemangeum reclamation
Date 2003-07-19 Hit 3275
Contents President Roh Moo-hyun yesterday urged his cabinet to restart the stalled Saemangeum tideland reclamation project as soon as possible. "The government should quickly complete a new blueprint for the Saemangeum project to minimize the loss in construction days and resume the project within a short time," Roh was quoted as saying. "We ne..
14    Suspension of Saemangum Project Sparks Anger in North Cholla Province
Date 2003-07-18 Hit 3024
Contents The court's decision to suspend the controversial Saemangum land reclamation project is triggering a new round of debates as supporters of the project are vowing to continue it at all costs. Some resident groups of North Cholla Province, where Saemangum is located, are reacting furiously to the suspension order, saying they will wage an a..
13    Court suspends Saemangeum
Date 2003-07-16 Hit 3019
Contents A Seoul court yesterday ordered the suspension of the large-scale Saemangeum tideland reclamation project, the utility of which has been disputed for years. The court made the decision in response to a request to halt the project from environmentalists and civic groups who fear much damage will be wrought on the ecological system of the w..
12    Saemangum Project Unthinkable in Europe, German Specialist Says
Date 2003-06-26 Hit 3245
Contents The government's controversial Saemangum land reclamation project can not even be considered in Europe, according to a leading wetland European specialist yesterday. "I understand that space is limited for agriculture and economic development in South Korea, but the government should take responsibility for saving the unique wetlands beca..

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