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61   []   Sick Houses Syndrome Attacks Dwellers of New Apartments
Date 2004-11-08 Hit 3178
Contents Kim Jin-hyuk, a 24-year-old college student, was irritated by itchiness from a rash on his back after moving to a new apartment. But he did not regard it as serious and other family members did not have any similar problems. It was only when the rash had gone away some six months later that Kim realized it was "sick house syndrome," the effect..
60   []   The APEC-VC Workshop 2004 Bangkok
Date 2004-10-15 Hit 3133
Contents What's next?
59   []   Biotecture: Vulnerable Beauty (1)
Date 2004-10-11 Hit 3080
Contents In countries like Korea, a diverse range of natural resources has led to a wide variety of traditional construction techniques, but because there has been more choice, construction with earth did not reach the level of refinement achieved in other areas of the world. Earth remains one of the world뭩 most important construction materials, with ..
58   []   Biotecture: Vulnerable Beauty (2)
Date 2004-10-11 Hit 3060
Contents Here, conservation practitioners somewhat reluctantly enter a socio-economic forum of debate. The global dimension to these issues is reflected in the international cooperation between many organizations and individuals in the field. Our planet cannot provide for the large proportion of its people who currently live in vernacular buildings t..
57   []   One of the rarest species of Salamander in Korea, the Kori Salamander
Date 2004-10-01 Hit 3175
Contents The Nuclear Power plant site is the only habitat of the kori salamander Prof. Yang Seo Young of Inha University brought the issue of Kori salamander to the attention of Green Korea. Kori Salamander or Hynobius yangi is a distinct specie from Salamander-Hynobius leechi. Kori Salamander exists only in Kori and that is why it is cal..

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