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30   []   Natural Gas Vehicles (3)
Date 2004-01-30 Hit 3183
Contents Korea has also been subsidizing the fuel price of natural gas to maintain the cost difference of diesel and natural gas at 115 won per liter. Meanwhile, assorted incentives are being offered at the national level for the operation of natural gas buses, including the exemption from Value-added tax & acquisition tax (US$ 2,500/b..
29   []   Natural Gas Vehicles (2)
Date 2004-01-30 Hit 3205

In mitigating these problems, moreover, the government came to realize that strengthened vehicle emission standards and on-road inspections have appeared to be limited in their ability to produce desired reduction effects due to a steep rise in the number of automobiles. Consequently, the need to develop and supply low-emi..

28   []   Natural Gas Vehicles (1)
Date 2004-01-30 Hit 3235
Contents At the end of year 2003, number of Korea뭩 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses in operation surpassed 4000. Since the first production of CNG buses in 2000, the Ministry of Environment has been making unprecedented efforts to promote greater supply of CNG and other Natural gas vehicles, the ideal alternatives to reduce vehicle pollution and e..
27   []   Waste
Date 2003-12-11 Hit 3387
Contents In a victory for many Buan county residents, the central government, with an apology, gave up its effort yesterday to force the construction of a nuclear waste processing plant upon the rural area in North Jeolla province. The government said it would throw open the bidding process to allow other regions of the country to apply for the faci..
26   []   New Buan groups back plans for nuclear dump
Date 2003-12-08 Hit 3561
Contents Not everyone in Buan county in North Jeolla province is opposed to having a nuclear waste dump in the rural region. After months of fierce, and occasionally violent, protests, support is now being heard for the central government's plan to build a waste disposal facility in Buan. Civic groups in the county, with membership totaling 3,200, iss..

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