Title [] [Green Korea] Local buses in Busan go green with natural gas
Date 2010-04-26 PM 3:40:01 Hit 3980
All local buses will be replaced by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles by 2012. Also, for the smooth operation of the CNG buses, CNG stations will be installed city wide.

Busan City replaced 1,069 local buses with CNG buses last year. This fleet replacement process will continue until all 2400 city buses have been replaced by CNG buses – with 502 being replaced this year, 477 in 2011 and 352 in 2012.

Replacing the fleet with CNG buses will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 151,000 tons and save 18 billion won a year on fuel costs. The cost of fuel per bus per day is currently 154,000 won for the diesel buses and just 118,000 won for the CNG buses.

In addition, Busan City plans to install 30 CNG stations citywide by 2012. Currently, there are only 15 CNG stations in Busan.
An official of the Public Transportation Division said, “Along with replacing the local bus fleet with a more environmentally friendly model, we are doing all we can to improve the other services catering to the needs of our passengers, for example by installing LED destination announcement boards on all local buses, upgrading the express bus and airport bus fleets and introducing low-floored buses extensively, for those who have difficulty getting on and off the buses.”

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