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Title Supply clean water to Ethiopia with Korean environmental technology
Source Ministry of Environment
Date 2017-04-28 PM 3:22:38 Hit 908
▷ The Ministry of Environment has built a container-type water supply facility in Kenteri region, Ethiopia.

▷ The project will serve as a stepping-stone to promote Korea’s leading technologies in the African water industry.

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Cho KyeungKyu) holds a completion ceremony for installing water supply facilities in small village in Ethiopia on April 27 (Korean time) at Kenteri region in Oromia state, Ethiopia. The project is aimed at supplying safe and clean water to local residents.

The ceremony will be joined by the Ministry of Environment (ME), Korean Embassy in Ethiopia, Korea Environmental Industry Association (KEIA),the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia, officials from Oromoia state and 150 local residents.

The water supply facilities installation project for small villages in Africa has been conducted in one African country every year. The project was first started in Ghana in 2011, and carried out in Nigeria in 2012, Kenya in 2013, Tanzania in 2014 and Mozambique in 2015.

The water supply installation project for small villages in Ethiopia was commenced in March last year with a budget of KRW 400 million. The project aims to provide safe and clean water to 5,000 local residents by constructing a water supply container in Kenteri village in Ethiopia through collaboration between the ME and the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia.

The ME expects that the installation project of water supply facilities tailored to small villages in Africa will lay a ground for Korean environmental companies to advance into the African water market.

The project execution company, Woojin Construction Inc., will apply reverse osmosis technology to build the container-type water purification system as well as supply community facilities such as shower room, sink and wash place to local residents.

In addition, KEIA, another execution agency, will give out water bottles and school supplies to 200 residents during the completion ceremony.

Lee Chang-heum, Director of Environment Industry and Technology Division, said that "a successful implementation of the project will not only supply clean water to Ethiopia but also link Korea's outstanding water-related technologies to various follow-up projects in Africa," he added.
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