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Title  Eco-friendly agro goods distribution center opens in Naju
Source  Other
Date  2017-10-20 PM 5:52:37 Hit  294
An eco-friendly agro goods distribution center opened on the 17th in Naju, Jeollanamdo.

Investing 27.8 billion won (13.9 billion won of the national budget, 6.9 billion won of the provincial budget and 6.9 billion won of the municipal budget), the center has been built 13,644 ㎡ in size on 29,987 ㎡ of land. It provides storage, packaging and shipping for products all in one place.

It is the first time in the nation for an eco-friendly agro goods distribution center to be constructed in the place of origin rather than the place of consumption.

The center will collect and distribute eco-friendly agro products, provide distribution information and maintain the safety standards of the products.
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