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Title  Gwangju to invest 129 billion won to eco-friendly vehicle manufacture
Source  Other
Date  2017-12-07 PM 3:39:54 Hit  31
Gwangju to invest 129 billion won to eco-friendly vehicle manufacture
The City of Gwangju said on the 3rd, Sunday that it will invest a total of 129.1 billion won, including 58.8 billion won of national funding and 58.3 billion won of municipal funding, into 13 separate vehicle related projects next year.
The Size of the budget has increased by 56% compared to 82.7 billion won budget from this year.
Next year’s budget will be invested into fostering eco-friendly vehicle parts cluster and developing new projects.
The city said the final budget size could change by going through parliamentary review but it will put its efforts to securing the region’s future growth engine.
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