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Title  NIER to be re-designated as WHO Collaborating Center on environmental health
Source  Ministry of Environment
Date  2018-01-09 PM 6:59:51 Hit  38
▷ Environmental Health Research Department of the National Environmental Research Institute (NIER) will be r-designated as WHO Collaborating Center for Vulnerable Population and Environmental Health until January 2022.
National Environmental Research Institute (NIER) under the Ministry of Environment announced that the Environmental Health Research Department will be re-designated as WHO Collaborating Center for Vulnerable Population and Environmental Health as of January 6. As a result, the department will work as the WHO Collaborating Center in the field of environmental health in Asia-Pacific until January 2022.

The WHO Collaborating Centers are research institutions designated by the WHO for carrying out environmental health-related initiatives around the world. The key mission of collaborating centers is to support the implementation of regional and global strategic goals set by the WHO, to secure scientific evidence for international health projects and to build a cooperation mechanism for capacity-building in national and regional levels.

As of 2017, there are more than 800 WHO collaborating centers in 90 countries around the world working with WHO on areas such as communicable disease, mental health and chronic disease.

NIER was designated as the WHO Collaborating Center in areas of environmental health, for the first time in Northeast Asia, in January 2014 for its world-class technology and close cooperation with the WHO. Since then, the institute has been leading the field of environmental health in Asia by actively supporting WHO activities and building a regional cooperation network.

In particular, it has continuously conducted research on environmental exposure and impact on the health of the vulnerable and hosted international workshops and seminars to improve environmental health of Asian countries as well as to share technology and information.

Building upon the experiences and achievements over the last four years, NIER will develop a detailed action plan and carry out a wide-range of activities on environmental health with collaboration with the WHO.

It will host the Environmental Health Capacity-Building Workshop for middle-and low-income countries, develop the Environmental Health Indicator for countries in Asia-Pacific to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as develop and conduct training for children’s capacity-building on environmental health.

Yoo Seung-do, Director General of Environmental Health Research Department and Head of WHO Collaborating Center, commented that "re-designation as WHO Collaborating Center will be an inspiring opportunity to further strengthen research and cooperation activities of NIER." "We will contribute not only to the development of Korea's environmental health but also to the enhancement of environmental health in the Asia Pacific region," he added.   
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