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2285     ME to make administrative pre-announcement on revised notice o.. 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 185
Contents ME to make administrative pre-announcement on revised notice on the safety and labelling standards for products of risk concerns ▷ The Ministry of Environment will strengthen the safety standards for chemical products by banning any use of CMIT/MIT in all spray-type products and air fresheners. ▷ All components of biocides and ha..
2284     KEPCO to sign 160 bil won in investment contracts at upcoming.. 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 179
Contents According to Jeollanamdo Province, the Korea Electric Power Corporation will hold an Energy Valley investment agreement ceremony on November 15that its headquarters in Naju. The event is expected to draw leaders from local organizations and enterprises from both Naju and Gwangju City. Forty-four corporations are expected to be re..
2283     Mudeung Summit to be opened on Saturday 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 161
Contents The summit of Mudeung Mountain will open to the public for the third time this year on November 5th. According to the City of Gwangju, the peak will open to hikers from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday only. Visitors to the mountain will be able to enjoy an open route from Nuebong to Inwangbong and Jiwangbong peaks. Identity cards are a n..
2282     Jeonnam to take precautions for Super Moon high tides 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 148
Contents The Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency has announced unusually high sea levels and tides are expected across the nation beginning Monday night 14th as the so-called "super moon" phenomenon comes into effect. A “super moon” occurs when a full moon is at a point in its orbit closest to the earth, which makes it appear larger and..
2281     Freedom to travel to Civilian Control Line - ‘Dokgaedari Sky.. 2016-11-15
Category Korea Hits 146
Contents On November 7, Gyeonggi Province announced that the Dokgaedari Sky Walk, also known as ‘The Whistle from Tomorrow’, will open in December. The Sky Walk will enable visitors to freely enjoy views of the Imjingang River inside the Civilian Control Line (CCL) without any additional security screenings. ‘The Whistle from Tomorrow’ ..

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