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2324     Gwangju-Paraguay to cooperate in eco-friendly vehicle develop.. 2017-03-17
Category Korea Hits 312
Contents The City of Gwangju signed an agreement with the Central State of Paraguay in South America to cooperate further in various areas including the economy, energy and eco-friendly vehicle development. Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang Hyeon said he wishes the agreement will reach a better exchange between the regions and help develop the two lo..
2323     National Environmental English Speech Contest to be held in D.. 2017-03-09
Category Korea Hits 430
Contents The Environmental English Speech Contest will be held in Jeollanamdo’s Damyang County to raise environmental awareness among young people. The International Youth Education Foundation announced that it will host the 4th National English Speech Contest for middle and high school students nationwide on the 25th at the Youth Tra..
2322     CNU back gate area goes car-free 2017-03-09
Category Korea Hits 362
Contents Gwangju’s Buk-gu District has created a new “Car-Free Street” in the area around Chonnam National University’s back gate in an effort to foster local youth culture and businesses. The district plans to limit traffic on the street from 4:00pm to 10:00pm everyday, and impose penalties to enforce the bylaw. In order to impr..
2321     Gwangju Launches Hydrogen Car Sharing 2017-03-09
Category Korea Hits 385
Contents Gwangju city will launch Korea's first hydrogen car sharing program today. The city has been tapped as a test bed for the car-sharing endeavor, aimed at improving public awareness of the eco-friendly vehicles. If the feasibility is proven, more vehicles will be used in the city starting in 2018, with the program to be extended to nearb..
2320     Agricultural Technology Center provides back-to-the-farm educ.. 2017-02-28
Category Korea Hits 457
Contents Agricultural Technology Center provides back-to-the-farm education programs in the first half of 2017 Back-to-the-farm open lecture will be held on March 9 Beekeeping, fruit growing, and special crop farming courses will be provided from March 15 to May 24 Ulsan Agricultural Technology Center (Director Jeong Dae-hwa) announced that it ..

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