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2272     Daegu: Leaping towards Identification as an EV Manufacturing.. 2016-11-03
Category Korea Hits 183
Contents The Daegu Metropolitan City Government held a briefing session on the “One Ton Light Commercial Electric Vehicle Technology Development Project” in the Situation Room of the Daegu City Hall on Monday, October 17, at 10:30 AM, and will begin comprehensive support for local development of electric vehicles (EVs). ○ The One Ton Li..
2271     Korea and Japan to cooperate in preserving marine resources 2016-10-24
Category Korea Hits 177
Contents Fishery officials of South Korea and Japan held an event Thursday to stock waters off Jeju Island with pufferfish fry, vowing to cooperate in preserving marine resources. The event was held on the sidelines of a three-day conference of eight South Korean and Japanese regional governments, which opened the previous day to discuss ways t..
2270     Supertide causes damage in Jeonnam as well 2016-10-19
Category Korea Hits 231
Contents It has been indicated that 7 areas in 4 cities and counties in Jeonnam have suffered damage due to the rapid rise in sea level yesterday. According to the Ministry of Maritime Affaires and Fisheries, tide levels were recorded at their highest around 6:23pm yesterday, rising up to almost 10meters, the highest it has been in 19 years. Th..
2269     KEPCO holds BIXPO 2016 in Gwangju 2016-10-19
Category Korea Hits 236
Contents The nation’s sole power distributor, the Korea Electric Power Corporation or KEPCO, will host an international exhibition next month in Gwangju City. The Bitgaram International Exposition of Electric Technology or BIXPO 2016, is scheduled for November 2nd to 4th at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center. The three-day event consi..
2268     Suncheon in the running for “Green Ambassador” designation 2016-10-19
Category Korea Hits 235
Contents Jeollanamdo’s Suncheon City announced Tuesday it has received the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practices in 2016 The city will officially accept the honor at London’s Westminster Palace on November 11th. The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 and are operated by The Green Organization, a U.K.-ba..

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