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2291     Hydrogen fuel cell taxis to hit the streets in Gwangju next ye.. 2016-12-14
Category Korea Hits 369
Contents The government will implement a pilot project this week to operate hydrogen fuel cell taxis for the first time in South Korea, as part of its efforts to reduce gas emissions. The Ministry of Environment held a ceremony to mark the launch of the project in Ulsan in cooperation with the Ulsan municipality, Hyundai Motor Company and local..
2290     Hydrogen cars to be eligible for further tax support in 2017 2016-12-14
Category Korea Hits 379
Contents New national tax support policies are in the works for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, following their recent designation as “eco-friendly vehicles” by the national administration. At a recent plenary session hosted by the National Assembly, a new bill amending local tax exemption laws for hydrogen vehicles was passed. The new regulatio..
2289     Kori Nuclear Power Plant was not affected by the earthquake i.. 2016-11-16
Category Korea Hits 368
Contents - A thorough check implemented for the seismometers installed at the Kori Nuclear Power Plant(II) facilities - Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power’s Kori Nuclear Power Site announced it was not affected by the earthquake, which originated from the area 11km to the south-west of Gyeong-ju (magnitude 4.5) on September 19, 2016 at 8:33 PM and its..
2288     The 11th policy consultation forum of the Seoul Initiatives N.. 2016-11-16
Category Korea Hits 357
Contents The 11th policy consultation forum of the Seoul Initiatives Network on Green Growth under the title of “Building a Resource Efficient Society Responding to Climate Change” took place in Seoul, Republic of Korea from 7 to 9 September 2016. The Ministry of Environment of the Republic Korea and UNESCAP have been holding policy consu..
2287     Full of Autumn Sentiment for '10 Selections in Foliage Path i.. 2016-11-16
Category Korea Hits 328
Contents ‘'Full of Autumn Sentiment for '10 Selections in Foliage Path in National Park’ ◇ 10 Selections for Exploration Road for Foliage Scenic Views in National Parks where It Is Good to Hike with Family Members ◇ Outstanding view of foliage is expected for October 18 in Gangregung, October 26 in Mid-region and November 6 in Southern-r..

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