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2359     Monsoon rain clears green algae on Yeongsangang River 2017-07-14
Category Korea Hits 152
Contents Attention level warnings on water quality for Seungchonbo Reservoir and Jooksanbo Reservoir on the Yeongsangang River have been lifted. According to the Yeongsangang River Regional Environmental Office on the 10th, the National Institute of Environmental Research lowered the water quality attention level warnings on both reservo..
2358     Gwangju disposes of 1t agro goods for exceeding pesticide resi.. 2017-07-14
Category Korea Hits 147
Contents The city of Gwangju said on the 10th the nearly 1,000 kg of agro goods that have been distributed throughout the city in the first half of this year have been disposed of for exceeding pesticide residue limits. Among the 1,563 cases tested for safety, 16 cases weighing a combined total of 949kg showed levels going over the pesticide resid..
2357     Heat wave advisories expand in Gwangju-Jeonnam 2017-07-14
Category Korea Hits 144
Contents Scorching heat is prevailing in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. Gwangju Regional Meteorological Administration on the 12th issued heat wave warning on Gwangju and advisories on Yeosu, Muan, Naju, Damyang, Hwasun, Bosung, Jangheung, Yeongam, Hampyeong, Yeonggwang and Jangseong of Jeonnam. Heat wave advisories issued on Gokseong, G..
2356     12th Policy Consultation Forum of the Seoul Initiative Netwo.. 2017-07-03
Category Korea Hits 182
Contents ▷ The Ministry of Environment will host the 12th Policy Consultation Forum of the Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth (SINGG) from June 21 to 23. ▷ The forum will be joined by about 130 participants including public officials from the Asia and Pacific, international organizations and private experts. The Ministry of Envir..
2355     Green algae spreads in Yeongsangang River 2017-07-03
Category Korea Hits 157
Contents The Green algae that had been spotted in Jooksanbo Reservoir on Yeongsangang River has spread to Seungchonbo Reservoir. According to the Yeongsangang River Regional Environment Office on the 29th, the National Institute of Environmental Research issued an attention level on Seungchonbo Reservoir for the first time this summer. ..

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