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2302     Alternative-day-no-driving system to be implemented during hig.. 2017-01-19
Category Korea Hits 60
Contents ▷ When a high level of PM2.5 concentrations occur for a long period, 2-day-rotation system and curtailment of operation will be implemented in administrative and public institutions in the metropolitan areas. ▷ After analyzing the effects of pilot project and legislating the emergency mitigation measures in 2018, the measure will be gra..
2301     AI Prevention Measures for Children and Youth 2017-01-19
Category Korea Hits 52
Contents On December 31, 2016, the highly pathogenic H5N6 strain of avian influenza was found in the bodies of cats in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province. Considering that children and youth spend more time outside or with their pets at home during winter vacation, Ulsan announced “AI Prevention Measures for Children and Youth.” Although it is very un..
2300     Vehicle fuel supplied to the metropolitan area in the 2nd half.. 2017-01-18
Category Korea Hits 64
Contents Vehicle fuel (gasoline and diesel) sold by six Korean oil refiners, SK Energy, Hyundai Oilbank, S-Oil, GS Caltex, Nonghyup and Korea National Oil Corporation (supplier of discount gas station) in the metropolitan area during the second half of 2016 boasted world-class environmental friendliness. Metropolitan Air Quality Management ..
2299     Gwangju to prevent light pollution downtown 2017-01-18
Category Korea Hits 56
Contents Gwangju city has designated downtown areas as a ‘Luminous Environment Management Zone’ to prevent light pollution and preserve animals and plants. The zone falls into 4 categories; green belt area, farming and rural areas, residential areas and business and manufacturing areas. The city said the installation of new lighting f..
2298     Gwangju pledges support for businesses damaged in Yeosu marke.. 2017-01-18
Category Korea Hits 230
Contents A large fire broke out at a major fish market in Yeosu City Sunday, affecting more than 100 businesses and causing over 500 million won in damages. No casualties were reported, but a total of 116 of the market's 125 shops were damaged by the flames. Authorities estimate infrastructure damage at 520 million won, but the figure is expected t..

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