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2368     Seoul secures 660,000 tons of greenhouse gas emission right wor.. 2017-08-11
Category Korea Hits 196
Contents - Seoul reduces greenhouse gas, equivalent to planting 100 million pine trees, and increases tax revenue - Funding for greenhouse gas reduction and climate change to be set up through secured emissions and proceeds from sales - Improving business facilities to consistently reduce greenhouse gas SEOUL, South Korea, August 4, 2017 ̵..
2367     International workshop on wildlife-borne diseases to take plac.. 2017-08-11
Category Korea Hits 209
Contents ▷ Korea, Japan and the United States will share information and management measures on new and mutant wildlife-borne diseases. ▷ The international workshop will serve as an opportunity to foster international cooperation on responses to zoonoses. National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) under the Ministry of Environ..
2366     For the success of Korea International Water Week 2017 2017-08-11
Category Korea Hits 205
Contents ▷ Five organizations including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will jointly hold an event to work together for the success of the Korea International Water Week and the Asia International Water Week. ▷ The one-day event includes cultural performance, policy discussion and so forth. With the "Korea Internatio..
2365     Fine dust decreases after closure of aged coal plants for one .. 2017-08-11
Category Korea Hits 140
Contents ▷ An analysis in South Chungcheong area showed that the fine dust level dropped by 15.4 percent from the previous two years (26→22μg/m3). ▷ According to the air quality modeling, the level of fine dust went down by 1.1 percent in South Chungcheong area and an average of 3.3 percent a month in the most affected area (at daily maximum 8.6 p..
2364     Suncheon to provide 1,200 EVs by 2020 2017-08-11
Category Korea Hits 142
Contents Suncheon City on the 3rd revealed a plan to provide 1,200 electric vehicles by 2020. The city that successfully supplied 115 EVs will provide 227 more this year. Regardless of models, the city encourages citizens to purchase EVs by giving 22.8 million won subsidies for each vehicle. The city is also planning to set up more c..

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