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99     South Korea may build presidential retreat next to proposed nu.. 2003-09-20
Category Korea Hits 1612
Contents SEOUL, South Korea-The South Korean government may build a presidential retreat similar to Camp David in the United States next to a proposed nuclear dump to allay fears among residents about its safety, an official said Thursday. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy has made the proposal to the president's office to build th..
98     Recovery efforts against the devastation inflicted by the Typ.. 2003-09-18
Category Korea Hits 1665
Contents The Korea Resources Recovery & Reutilization Corporation announced its plans to help rehabilitation efforts against the devastation inflicted by the Typhoon Maemi. The corporation will provide 77 vehicles (59 crains vehicles, 18 cargo vehicles) for the damaged regions including Busan, Gyeongnam, Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Gwangwon, and Jeju. Alread..
97     Mansfield Pacific Retreat 2003-09-18
Category Korea Hits 1630
Contents The sixth Mansfield Pacific Retreat was held in Jeju Island, from August 26 - 28 inviting the participants from the Asia-Pacific countries. The retreat aimed to discuss unleashing market forces to protect the environment: the economics and the environment in the Asia-Pacific Region. Hosted by the The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundati..
96     [Arrowhead] A Skeptical Environmentalist 2003-09-09
Category Korea Hits 1745
Contents A controversial book by a skeptical environmentalist has been translated into Korean, and has drawn a great deal of attention on the book pages of major daily newspapers. It is true that some environmentalists predicted the end of the Earth in this century. Fortunately, Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" has not come true. Still many differen..
95     Korea's Plans for the Wetlands Preservation Project 2003-09-04
Category Korea Hits 1568
Contents The Government of Korea announced the Wetlands Preservation Project to be carried out in cooperation with the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). Starting next year, totalling of approx. USD 6 million (4 million by the Korean Government and 2 million by the GEF) will be invested for the implementation of the project by 2007, and pilot pro..

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