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31     Korean water quality ranked 8th ....top with Finland 2003-03-07
Category Korea Hits 2340
Contents In spite of having clear water resource, Korea has been classified as a serious water shortage country. According to the report of world water resource development UN announced March 5, Korea which followed Finland(1.85) receiving the highest score, New Zealand(1.53), Canada(1.45), UK(1.42), and Japan(1.32) recorded 1.27 and was 8th in 122 count..
30     Open the EDP web-site 2003-03-05
Category Korea Hits 2253
Contents Web site of Environmental Declaration of Products(EDP) is just opened. Here is introduced on what is EDP, offering Environmental information of certificated products, PSC for certificate, and how to get a certificate. We wish this is useful to you. If you have any question related EDP, please don't hesitate contact to us. 2003.3.5
29     2003 1st Committee for Certificate of EDP 2003-03-05
Category Korea Hits 2305
Contents We will held the 2003 1st Committee for Certificate of EDP - date: March, 13th, - place: Business room, EMC in Seoul - participant: members of committee, certification team - item: 1. Reporting the results of post management 2. Discussion for the certificate a CD-Rom Drive PC 3. Discussion for ..
28     Ms. HAN Myung-Sook appointed as the new Minister of Environm.. 2003-03-04
Category Korea Hits 2281
Contents On 27 February 2003, President ROH Moo-Hyun appointed Ms. HAN Myung-Sook as the new Minister of Environment. Prior to her appointment, Ms. Han served as the Minister of Gender Equality since its establishment in January 2001. A graduate of Ehwa Womens University, with advanced degrees in Christian theology and women studies, Minister H..
27     World-wide, the size of the environmental industries keeps on .. 2003-02-26
Category Korea Hits 2430
Contents Environmental industries are businesses that deal with pollution management and reduction, as well as energy conservation, management, and recycling. Recently, their state-of-the-art technology development contributed to spreading its practicality into many different fields, other than just the environment. The scale of the environmental ..

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