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20     Ministry of Environment reveals environmental quality of moto.. 2003-01-27
Category Korea Hits 2537
Contents Since the second quarter of 2002, Motor Vehicle Emission Research Laboratory (under the National Institute of Environmental Research) conducted a study on five domestic oil refineries and seven import oil refineries, for the sulfur and benzene content in diesel fuels and gasolines. The following are the results for the fourth quarter (Oct.-..
19     Activists oppose incinerators in national park 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2476
Contents Environmental advocacy groups are protesting the Ministry of Environment's plans to build waste disposal sites on four islands in Dadohae Haesang National Park, South Jeolla province. The groups say the ministry's decision has not taken into consideration the impact of the incinerators on the coastline and inland areas of the national park..
18     Refiners and ministry set oil pollution pact 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2514
Contents Five oil refineries yesterday agreed with the Ministry of Environment that they would look for oil-contaminated soil and remove the contamination. SK, LG Caltex, Hyundai Oilbank, S-Oil and Inchon Oil Refinery agreed to hire agents to look for soil contamination at filling stations they manage directly and report their findings to the env..
17     Ministry Extends Ban on Disposable Plastic 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2671
Contents The Ministry of Environment said Wednesday it was revising regulations pertaining to recycling in order to reduce the use of disposable products. The ministry will enforce the new regulations, one of which bans the use of disposable plastic plates in cafeterias located in department or discount stores, from July next year. In addition, fast ..
16     New product labels to tell consumers what is recyclable 2002-12-31
Category Korea Hits 2502
Contents In line with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system that will start next year, recyclable products will be marked with new labels starting next January, the Ministry of Environment said yesterday. The system calls for manufacturers to collect and recycle their goods. Products regulated by EPR, such as, among others, plastic food..

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