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85     UN Recruiting Participants for Kids Conference 2003-08-04
Category Korea Hits 1540
Contents The Korean chapter of the United Nations Environment Program is looking for participants to attend the International Children’s Conference on the Environment (ICCE) to be held July next year in the United States. Held every two years for children between the ages of 10 and 13, the ICCE aims to increase children's understanding of envir..
84     USFK to Pay Overdue Water Bills 2003-08-04
Category Korea Hits 1590
Contents The United States military command in Seoul agreed yesterday to pay about 700 million won ($593,000) in overdue water bills, ending months of dispute with its South Korean counterpart, official said. The bill, which the U.S. military has promised to clear by the end of the year, is for untapped water from the Han River in Seoul that military u..
83     Ministry of Environment develops the first in the Government .. 2003-08-02
Category Korea Hits 1694
Contents Ministry of Environment developed the cyber environment monitoring system where housewives can participate as members of the eco-monitoring group to provide practical opinions and strategies learned from real life experiences. The system aims to gain feedbacks from the citizens through various surveys, resulting in sufficient reflection of c..
82     The symposium on "Adoption Plans of Environmental Tax in the .. 2003-08-01
Category Korea Hits 1644
Contents and pollution abatement costs are not reflected in energy prices, causing relatively low pricing of highly pollutant energies. In response, strategies were recommended to use a partial amount of the tax revenue for environmental objectives and further measures were proposed to expand the energy sources subject to the environmental road energ..
81     Chonggye Project May Be Finished Earlier Than Scheduled 2003-07-28
Category Korea Hits 1731
Contents The ongoing construction work to revive Chonggye-chon, a stream in central Seoul now hidden under concrete, is likely to be completed earlier than scheduled, Seoul City officials said yesterday. The timing for the completion of the project, which was originally planned for September 2005, will be reconsidered following the dismantling of a..

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